Pure Joy

I experienced pure joy this week.

I drove to the local health food supermarket on my work lunch hour, feeling really hungry. Rather than wandering around in a hungry daze, I told my brain to focus on the mission at hand, which it did. Close to the end of my time there I thought, “I’d really love some citrus fruit.”

I went to the produce section to look at what they had. I found some delicious looking organic clementines. Then, because of old mental patterns, I began looking at what else was available that would cost less. They had navel oranges and some tired looking mandarins. I’m happy to say that my new programming won out and my mind said, “Get what you really want. You deserve it.” So I did.

I went back to my car in the car park with a plan to sit and eat one of the clementines before driving back to the office. I really was very hungry!

I switched on the engine. To my delight, I found myself listening to THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD, The Beatles, doing a great George Harrison song rarely heard nowadays — I Want To Tell You.

I switched off the engine but kept the radio playing, and turned the music up LOUD (but not obnoxiously so for other people). I sat in my car in the winter sunshine, singing along with the song and eating one of the clementines I had given myself.

It was blissful.

So if you like songs that make you feel happy, click, turn up the volume, and enjoy!

And make sure you treat yourself well!