Vive la Différence!

“In a sense, the challenge of human rights is the challenge of difference, a confrontation with otherness.

Our response to otherness, to difference, provides a clear mirror reflecting our own humanity.

Do we deny, reject and negate difference?

Do we hold ourselves up as the standard against which all is to be judged, secretly considering that what is different in others is but a deviation from the pattern of our normalcy?

Or do we recognise that we are, by our nature, unfinished, and seek out dialogue with those who — by their very difference — can complement and complete us?”

(I found this quote in a drawer. I have no idea when I copied it down, but it must have been more than seven years ago! And sadly, I don’t know who said it, either. Neither does Google. But I do know that it’s great wisdom!)

Feature photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash

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