Never-ending Youth

“Ultimately, we are responsible for our own destiny. It may seem to us that our fate is predetermined, whether by our genes or by our environment. What really matters, however, is how we can improve ourselves from this moment forward, how we can change the circumstances that we find ourselves in. This enormous transformative force is what Buddhism is all about. In this struggle lies the source of never-ending youth and vitality.”
~ Daisaku Ikeda

I WhatsApped this quote to some friends early yesterday morning. I’m happy to say they found it as inspiring and encouraging as I do.

Yesterday was a big day. We moved into our new work location. Of course moving is disruptive, but I’m happy to say that shifting over all the desks, boxes and bins, computers and screens, went smoothly.

An IT exec — a really nice guy — came in from Head Office in the States to assist us with getting all the technology up and running in time for Monday morning. The new location has offices on two floors, with a steep flight of about 20 steps connecting the two stories. Late in the afternoon he said with feeling, “You guys have got to get an elevator put in. These stairs are killing me.”

When I said enthusiastically that I think the stairs are great, and that people have to pay a gym membership to get the same kind of exercise, he said, “It’s all right for you. You’re five years younger than me.” When I burst out laughing, he added, “Well, maybe two years older.”

Still laughing, I told him that my age is 67. His age? 45.

I’d say this speaks to the never-ending youth and vitality the quote talks about! And it certainly encourages me to continue to tap into the enormous transformative force I have within!