It Will Change

I came across this quote from my Buddhist teacher, Daisaku Ikeda, while sorting out papers in my home office yesterday. It felt like a gift from the Universe.

Like all people of conscience, I feel horrified to watch the escalation of the situation in Ukraine and in Russia. And at times I feel utterly helpless. Not a good feeling.

But if the people and the leader of Ukraine can be so incredibly, heroically brave in the face of such senseless violence and destruction, then so can I. And this quote, this truth, comforts my heart and encourages me.

This afternoon I made a donation to, a charitable U.S.-based organization that supports the people of Ukraine affected by the Russian military invasion. Taking action, in addition to chanting and praying, made me feel empowered.

Yet we are all going through dark and dangerous days.

Buddhism teaches that:

When great evil occurs, great good follows. ~ Nichiren Daishonin

I have lived for almost 70 years now. (Crazy, but true!) In my lifetime I have never before seen the kind of unity that is quickly emerging on Planet Earth. Never. All kinds of wars and invasions have happened (referred to euphemistically by mainstream media as “conflicts”). Never before have people cared as they do now. Never before have Russian citizens in their thousands risked serious repercussions by voicing their dissent to war, and their support for peace.

Every one of us who prays for peace and the protection of Ukrainian people – and Russian people – positively affects the grid, the matrix, that envelops and runs throughout our precious planet. We are all a part of one consciousness. Buddhism calls it the Mystic Law. And it is the foundational part of all of us. It contains goodness, wisdom, courage and compassion.

So in the midst of the horror and the heartbreak, something very good is happening. We, the people, are starting at last to unite.

And united we stand.

No evil is insuperable.


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  1. vanshikarya says:

    This is so beautiful and empowering! Thank you for writing this 🤗💗😻

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    1. Thank you Vanshika! I feel very happy to know that you feel empowered! 🙏

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